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10 Dec 2022: A personal review of Farm Fresh Farm Serdang. Firstly, I used Waze to guide my drive. Be sure to select the right Farm Fresh Farm UPM because there are many authorized farm fresh agents around that pin their location onto Waze, so make sure to read the full description before clicking the location on Waze.

We arrived about 9.45am, 15 mins before opening and there were already a queue at the ticketing counter..we quickly snap a photo at the front door with our banner just as the counter opened at 10am sharp. Entrance fees: Adults rm15/pax, Children rm10/pax, Below 4 years old foc

I was expecting an organized tour but didn’t prepare that the tour to be conducted only on the tractor ride outside the farm. So I recommend those early birds to go for the tractor ride as soon as you get your tickets, as there are only two tractors in operation and each round will take about 20 minutes. I heard that there are plans to add on more tractors with the ongoing growth of visitors.

We headed inside the farm and started exploring around. First went to the the toilet. It was clean early in the morning..well equipped with baby changing room.

Next to the toilet was the tram ride for kids. Looks fun and needed at least 8 kids to go one round. Kay Lee and Kay Son jumped in (though teenage Kay Lee looked a bit over aged for the ride, she still enjoyed herself XD). The ride went towards the petting zoo. And make one round around the chicken coop. I could see the roosters chasing after the tram. So fun! Definitely worth going second third forth round as usually at shopping malls, one ride would have cost rm10! I love how they maintain old trees growing around the farm. Especially those at the petting zoo. The old trees were almost touching and lying on the ground, while animals resting under the shades and chickens running around the tree bark. Just next to the petting zoo is the nursery, where visitors can actually take home a plant or pluck tomatoes to taste. There were also hydrophonic vegetables like sawi, siu Pak choy. We didn’t know we can pluck the veges, otherwise there were those really ripe, red and tempting tomatoes to pluck! Just beside the tram ride was the fighting fish gallery. The fishes were separated by cardboard. If you move the board, you will see the fishes getting agitated by the sight of another fighting fish, hence the tail and gills started opening up and they want to fight but alas, they aren’t in the same container. The barn was interesting. The ladies (milk cows) are given fresh air blast, soft music to relax and an auto massager where they can self service to rub their body onto the machine, which in turn rub their body. The milking process usually happens before opening, we saw the facility but not the milking process. We also tried on the pony ride. Rm10/ride. A repeat for Kay Lee and something new for Kay Son. Everyone we go out, always do something new. I believe trying new things enhances children’s life experience, build confidence and improve adaptations to new surroundings. Good job Kay Son, no whining whatsoever and both of them completed one round of ride. Next to the pony ride is the milk and vege store, apa lagi? Shopping time. Next we went for ice cream and gelato. Rm8/scoop. Premium quality gelato, I didn’t try the rm3 cone though as we already had two gelatos. Bubble gum flavour is something new to us. Next to the ice cream shop is the tetra pack recycling booth, it was close for maintenance but could see them showcasing tetra pack being made into furniture etc. Lunch? We had nasi kukus with fried chicken rm15, waffles rm10, pizza rm30. Pizza was good and authentic. Plenty of cheese and crusty crust. Areas of improvement needed: The guided tour on the tractor was good but due to the noise from the tractor, we could barely near the explanation. Although Uncle Guide was already using a microphone and a speaker. Lack of station master at each station. It would definitely enhance the experience of visitors if there were guides stationed at each attraction to explain about each farm attractions for example the compost heap, a guide to explain on the function of doing compost. But then again, if visitors go on the tractor ride first, they would have gotten the explanation from the tractor guides. Overall indeed an amazing and fun day with my kids! Definitely be back again with mr Daddy (as he was away for audax cycling event).Total damage: Entrance rm45Pony ride rm20Shopping rm20Ice cream rm16Lunch rm55Total For more tour ideas, pm or what’s app me at