PREPARATION – Proposed Items Used at Laban Rata & Low’s Peak
1. A back-pack big enough to carry the following items. It must have waist strap to support the weight of the back-pack.
2. 1 short sleeve T-shirt and 1 long sleeve T-shirt
3. 1 warmer
4. 1 wind breaker
5. 1 track bottom
6. 1 pair normal socks and 1 pair wool socks
7. A pair of comfortable rubber sole shoes
8. 2 disposable raincoats
9. Torch light or head lamp with extra batteries
10. A small towel, toothbrush and paste
11. A drinking bottle (there are water stations available for refill along the trail. Water is untreated water from the mountains)
12. Head cover & gloves (cotton type at least 3 pairs or winter glove)
13. Some dry foods like biscuit, chocolate, nuts, 3-in-1 drink etc. (to be used during summit trail)
14. Personal 1st aid kit (like Panadol, plasters, tissue papers, ointment, heat rub)
15. Personal medication
16. Sun block, lip gloss and moisturizer
17. Camera & plastic bag
18. Knee Guard
19. Packed lunch (can be energy bar, bread or bun…) for ascending and descending journey – 2 portion: This item only apply to Via Ferrata package.
Note: place the above items in plastic bag before putting them into the backpack. The above is only for climbing period. Please pack more for subsequent days of stay in Sabah.