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Green Trekkers’ Rider Completed Audax BRM200 Ride

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Green Trekkers’ rider Ms. Leong Jui Chuan completed 200km bicycle ride in 13.5 hours under the event organized by Audax Randonneurs Malaysia.

This long distance ride which started at 5am from MesaMall Nilai, rode through Seremban town, Rantau, Sungai Menyala, Port Dickson Beach before reaching Check Point 1 at Mac Donald’s Port Dickson Waterfront. 

Riders then continued the ride via Lukut (some good and steep climbs here), Sepang, Bagan Lalang and arrives at check point 2 at Morib. This second part of the journey sees some amazing coastal views and the smell of mud and salt (a smell very closely acquainted to coastal fishing towns). 

The third part of the ride is from Morib to Banting, KLIA and back to Nilai. Final 1km see riders climbing to the top of the hill where MesaMall is located. Heavy downpour happened between 2-5pm and those who finished were drenched wet. 

This edition saw some 800 cyclists registered for the ride. 

Ms. JC Leong will have another 600km ride to complete in June 2020 for her SR title.